Japanese Kids Record

"Japanese Kids Record" 7" (Columbia, 1958)

Let us ring in 2008 with a little bit of a record which pretty much typifies this block. And what makes this a Crud Crud standard? Well, I picked this up because it was a kid's record, in Japanese, a language I do not know, which means I had no idea what was on it other than what the cover suggested. Other factors which make this one belong here: It has been aged well, it is a bit strange to ears not seasoned for these sounds, and it cost me all of one dollar. Those, my friends, are things that make the typical Crud Crud record. Please enjoy and have a happy new year!

Thanks for posting this. The cover says "Tortoise and Hare" (as you probably guessed) in Japanese. I can't make out what the other text says other than "Columbia Records." The first track I don't recognize as one I've heard before (I lived in Japan for a while, and have kids). It's definitely a children's lullaby though as the child sings "Everybody sleep" on the first track. The second is a common kids song about a pigeon - I can't remember the name, maybe "Hato Popo."
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