El Diablico

Felix Saucedo y Guitarras de Kike Subia El Diablico 45 (Artelec, 19??)

Another mystery single and that is fine with me. One of the pleasures of digging for records is coming up with gems that defy easy explanation. For instance, who is Felix Saucedo? Assuming that he is the vocalist, why does he get top billing when Enrique "Kike" Subia, a noted Panamanian folkloric musician, is on guitar? Is it because is very good at making the sounds of a man possessed by the Devil? And is the song about a man possessed, as the title "El Diablico" would leave one to believe? Is this a split single because it is a novelty song (the flip is a standard cumbia by La Alondra Interiorana)? Why is "El Diablico" the A side of this single? And when was this made - the 1960s or 70s? Some things to ponder while listening to this strange but wonderful song.

This is the BEST latin american mp3 I have ever ever heard! You are the best Scott!
Wonderful tune!

It's very difficult to identify the year because
the style is pretty folkish and "without time".

The art of the logo "Artelec" is pretty late 50s-early 60s.
One of the problems in identifying the date is that the Artelec used that label art through the 60s and early 70s. If it was recorded in the US or Europe I could peg the recorded sound at 60s, but that recording technology was used in the "third world" until the 1980s.
Wow, awesome tune. Thanks!
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