Jeanette Williams Stuff b/w You Gotta Come Through 45 (Backbeat, 1969)

Me? Oh I have been dealing with time and health and life. Been busy as a fucking bee, actually make that a hive of bees. In case you don't know: I also do a record label and a bookstore (so if you want to throw some cash this way, you know where to go!). And lots of stuff going on with both of them. Been dealing with a damn back/kidney problem that seems to segue into a head cold - off and on for 6 weeks and I am as puzzled as you. And then there is life....so that is the reason for the sporadic posts.

This evening I treat you to Jeanette Williams and one of her fantastic funky forty-fives. Here you get a groover and a smooth one, both reminding me of some wicked Ike & Tina / Maxine Brown mix. On this 45, Ike is played by Andre Williams, a legend himself. Andre produced and penned these tune, giving them a filthy romp of a sound. And that is all you get from me tonight.

You have to love anything connected with Andre Williams. Two of his many overlooked classics include "Jailbait" and "I Want To Be Your Pajamas." Thanks for this post of Andre as producer.
I spent an Hour this sunday mornin' pookin around your blog. the Buddy Knox cut was Great.

I'm gonna have to dig for this soulful Jeaneetee Williams 45'

Thanks for sharing
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