Night Train

Tommy Wills Night Train b/w Honky Tonk II 45 (Air Town, 1966)

Though not a terribly difficult record to find, Tommy Will's Night Train is great little dance hall smoker. Existing in the very fertile valley that lives between jazz and R&B (see Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff, Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces, etc.), both songs on this 45 have a strong groove and a really warm low end that propels the songs. Top that with Tommy Wills ("Man with a Horn") scattering notes and a bunch of cats making party sounds (says "Recorded Live Discotheque Go Go Sound" on the label), and this is a winner of a single. Not much is known about Tommy Wills, though the label, Air Town, proudly proclaims that "The New Soul Sound" comes from Dayton, Ohio.

Diggin that Ohio Soul Sound!
Interesting, looks like the first release on Air Town, who'd later change their label style a bit. Gotta love that Discoteque Go Go Sound!
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