La Marche des Canards

Roland Bocquet La Marche des Canards 45 (Cobra, 1977)

It has been a while since I updated this thing, but then again it has been in the hundreds here in Sacramento and that tends to slow me down. Got to run around the house fanning the records so they don't melt.

Today we have an oddball 7" that I found thrifting one day about fifteen years ago. It was on one of those thrift runs that you search all day and come up with a Martin Denny record, a beat up soul album, a high school jazz band record that winds up sucking, and one odd duck of a record. In this case the odd duck is La Marche des Canards.

Look at the sleeve and it is easy to see why I picked this up. No one in their right mind passes on a drawing of a robot duck wired to a studio rack which is then ran into an amp. That they drawing is also by the musician Roland Bocquet is a plus. Of Mssr. Bocquet I can't tell you much other than he seemed to have a short run doing synth records in the mid to late Seventies and in the Eighties did a few soundtracks. Perhaps one of my French readers can fill us in on Bocquet, though I fear that he was just a footnote in his home country, especially since, at the time, France was littered with synth players.

Bloody hell, I enjoyed both tracks! Relaxing synth takes some beating.

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