Hello World

Horace Heller Hello World b/w Ed's Place 45 (Dollie, 1959)

Though Ed' Place, this single's fantastic B side, has been comped several time, I was not familiar with this single. So when I picked it up out of a box of dusty vinyl, I bought it based on a short spin of the A side Hello World. What I heard was a fantastic rockabilly novelty song about smoking dope and going out of one's mind. So great a song, the rockabilly trumps the novelty aspect. So I play Hello World a few times and figure I owe it to myself to hear the flipside. Wow! Ed's Place is a singular cut, one which I'll let you listen to yourself. No need for me to rattle on about it. You will hear what makes it special before the first body hits the floor. This is the kind of record that makes a vinyl scrounge's week. Hope you enjoy it.

Woo. . . Bloody Hell that's chilling. The A side is really cool and funny in a fifties novelty sort of way but Ed's place is somethng else.
You familiar with Pat Hare's 'I'm Gonna Murder my Baby' or an old blues number called 'A to Z blues' by Blind Willy McTell and Curley Weaver? The most blood chilling songs I know. Ed's place fits right alongside in them. It has the same 'OMG this is a bit too real for me' factor. Tho perhaps the singer is adopting a persona in a way that Pat Hare just isn't.
Always challenging and interesting stuff on your blog Mr Sorriano. Thanks a lot.
Record crates in the UK just don't produce stuff like this!
"Ed's Place" is included in a comp called "God Less America" that is somewhat rare but was recently posted here :

Great one!
Goood Lord, that is creepy!
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