Z Gun 1

Ryan Wells & I just published the first issue of our zine Z Gun. It is 40 pages with interviews with and stuff on the Brainbombs, Not Not Fun Records, San Francisco art punk of the 70s/80s, Pink Reason, tons of reviews and more. Stuff written by Shaun Wright (Marble Stature), Min Yee (A Frames), Monty Buckles (The Lamps) and Ryan & I. The price is very reasonable. Reviews so far:

"A sight for sore eyes" Tom Lax - Siltbreeze Records
"Best read in ages..." Brian Turner - WFMU
"It felt great to turn pages again" Grady Runyon - Monoshock/The Bad Trips
"Woah!" - Rick Ele - KDVS

Ordering info at S-S Records.

got mine in the mail the other day! a fantastic read and a great straight forward design! the front page mission statement was perfect.
I never made the connection that you wrote for Terminal Boredom before. Wow, small word (I used to be in a band which shall remain nameless that TB slagged off pretty regularly).

Any chance of posting some rare Brainbombs here?
Nah, all the Brainbombs stuff has been comped on the discography cds that Load & Polly Magoo put out. However try http://staticparty.blogspot.com
Anyone know how I can get hold of the zine, Z Gun 1? I am after the Brainbombs stuff, obviously...

I'll even consider paying handsomely. Even for photocopies...

Let me know:


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