My Bible is Right

The Bethlehem Gospel Singers My Bible is Right LP (HSE, 1973)

Summer has finally hit Sacramento and what that means is 100+ days and a hot apartment. I've got an air conditioner in the front window, right above the records, but it does little to cool anything more than the vinyl. Which is fine, the Sky God in his infinite wisdom gave me sweat glands, and dammit if I ain't gonna use them! Actually, the older I get and the more time I spend in temperate San Francisco, the more I bitch about Sacramento summers. But, really, the bitching is literally letting off steam. I don't mind the heat. It just means I am up late and that blues, soul, and gospel music gets more platter time.

Right now the apartment is in the high 80s and in a few minutes I'll be laying on the couch, drinking a tall, cool glass of lemonade while listening to The Bethlehem Gospel Singers again. Perfect for a sluggish warm Monday night, The Singers, second album, My Bible is Right, is stripped down, no frills, Black gospel. This North Carolina quartet has no need for a big band or slick production. They believe and that is it.

The Bethlehem Gospel Singers were not an obscure group. They had a national TV show, toured regularly, and sold thousands of records. This is widely regarded as their best, though their first is also damn good. While all four singers share lead duties, only three take center in the songs I have for you today. James McLean sings My Bible is Right Parts 1 & 2. Lorraine Mack carries the load on The 23rd Psalm. And Retha Smith belts it out on Give Me a Little Bit Longer.

I'll take those Sacramento summers over the heat and humidity here.
Here's a timely tip:

Lemonade, mint, ice & frozen mango pulp in the blender. Sorta a NA mojito. Trust me.

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