Such a Beautiful Thing

The Prodigal Sons Such a Beautiful Thing b/w Little Girl from Puerto Rico 45 (Zeus, 196?)

Here is a wonderfully strange record - strange in that there are so many quirks to it and questions that it brings up. Such a Beautiful Thing suggests the production work of sunshine pop icon Gary Zekley as well as The Free Design.; but there is nary a connection to either entity. Little Girl from Puerto Rico is confusing. Rather than having a salsa beat, which is what a little girl from PR would be dancing to in the 1960s, it is Sixties pop as if it was scored by Morricone while he was scoring Leone westerns. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

The record label, Zeus Records is supposed to be a subsidiary of something called United Technique, but I can't find any info on it or UT. The name of the songwriter, Robert A. Maro, draws a blank (well, google comes up with a sex offender in his twenties. Not the same guy, for sure). The publishing company is out of business. There are no markings to indicate where or when it was pressed. The Prodigal Sons is another mystery.

Your blog is one of my favourite. From yesterday a start with may blog.
I added there link to your blog.
Thanx for your blogwork!
these are really good songs. walking a fine line, and pulling it off splendidly. you have posted quite a few of these gems along the way, so thank you, from the pit of my heart.
Hm. The only UT I'm aware of is the one that put out stuff by the Misunderstood. Probably not the same.
Alright, totally not the same UT.
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