Oh, No! No! No!

Jan Mink Oh, No! No! No! b/w Come On In 45 (Verve, 1966)

You slap a 45 on and you get a nice, raw, R&B dance floor creeper (with a cool flubbed sax solo!) and the first thought is "Score!" Then you flip the record over and the drums hit just right, the vocals slink in and a bass throbs and it is heaven, pure heaven. Oh! No! No! No! is a great song and, yes, you need to listen to it, but I guarantee you that you will play Come On In over and over and over. Come On In has everything: Great vocals, fantastic production, a killer groove, and a nice dark sound.

So who is responsible? The producer and arranger are Shelly Coburn and Norman Bergen. Both worked in the LA music industry, either as producers or songwriters, though neither of them had a hand in writing the songs on this record. The credit to both songs goes to Jan Mink. All my searching for info on Ms Mink comes up blank. She is a mystery lady. I assume that had she had a hit with either of these songs her name would be at least mentioned in some rundown of girl groups or lady soul singers, but there is nothing. That these were not hits is not surprising. Verve tended not to know what the hell to do with their pop artists. If one of them had a hit, it was more by chance than anything else. Unfortunately, that isn't the case here.

Now there is one possibility and that is that Jan Mink is a pseudonym, a cover name for an artist signed to a different label. There could be dozens of records by "Jan Mink"; however if there is someone will have to give it up.

Great and amazing junk!
as always, you're absolitely right, Curd, this is a genune double-sided score! thanks for finding and posting it!

Michael Vee - Milano
i can't find the d/l link!!!
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