I Can't Turn It Off

The Pheifer Ashman Kickbush I Can't Turn It Off b/w Games 45 (Nico, 196??)

I am sure that there is some expert on 60s pop out there that knows the details about this record, but it ain't me. What I could dig up is that Nico Records was a label owned by a couple of Hollywood types, Nick & Boris Vanoff. They put out a handful of records, two of which were by The Pheifer Ashman Kickbush. I don't know who Pheifer Ashman is but there is a Jack Ashman involved with this record (credited as arranger). Jack Walker was the producer, but no one named Pheifer is credited on the label. Nor do I have any idea what a "kickbush" is other than a good suggestion.

I am guessing that the band is a studio creation, made to cash in on the popularity of 60 or sunshine pop. The Kickbush is a good band and this single is everything that you want from 60s pop. Punchy, well produced, good songs...

No digging for this one as it was handed to me by Mike Trouchon in a fit of delusion -- his not mine.

Good gums!
.. another nice pick, thanks a lot!

Michael Vee - Milano
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