Hard Head

Jon Thomas Hard Head Pt 1 & 2 45 (Mercury, 1957)

Here is an absolute stunner of a single: Jon Thomas's Head Head. My info on Thomas is sketchy. He played a Hammond B3 organ, I know that. He might or might not have been from St Louis. Is he the same Jon Thomas who sang the soul classic Heartbreat (It's Hurtin' Me), a 1960 song made into a hit by the unfathomably great singer Little Willie John? I don't know.

This I know: Hard Head is a killer! And if you don't believe these words, one note of the unknown saxophonist should set you right. The fucker is a honker, a screamer and as smooth as can be. One more thing: The label has the song divided into two parts and I've identified them correctly. However, listen to them and it becomes pretty apparent that the order should be reversed. Still, listen to them as God or Mercury Records intended and if you wanna screw around with the order of things later, by all means do.

Hard Head Pt 1
Hard Head Pt 2

Outstanding find! Thanks much.
Shame that the sax solo is split between the two sides. He wails. Bet plenty of guys got laid by putting this record on the ol' phonograph.
This track's from his LP "Big Beat On the Organ" which I used to have on cassette. Check out another track from the LP "Hot Tip" here.

Classic, whacked-out shit. Thanks for the reminder.
Simply stunnig, tks!
Haha, like the title of that one blog "Tulips on My Organ". You gotta see the whole cover though, I dug it up and posted it here: Big Beat. Useta have a 45 of "Hot Tip" but I haven't seen it in a long time.
I have a great vocal number by Jon Thomas called "Hey, Hey, Baby" on ABC-Paramount. Pretty sure it's the same guy because there's lots of organ on the song.
The tenor man is thought to be Osborn Whitfield, who is also heard on Jon's signature song "Heartbreak (it's hurtin' me)"
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