Women of the Old Testament

Sarah Hershberg Women of the Old Testament LP (F.E.L. 1968)

I don't think I've heard a hipper take on the Old Testament than Sarah Hershberg's Women of the Old Testament. Thirteen songs here on Old T women or how the Old T views women. Take the jazzy Woman of Valor, based on Proverbs 31. Sarah and her hipster band gives us the lowdown on the "Scripture's view of the ideal woman." Notice one of the most important traits is that she can fight! How Old Testament! Then there is Deborah. She sat around for twenty years watching her people bow to the Canaanites, until one day God told her to lead her people into kicking Sisera and his henchmen's asses. And finally we have the story of Judith. Judith was pissed off at her town leaders for being major pussies when faced with assault by the Assyrians. So she had the Assyrian general Holofernes throw a party for her and when he was good and drunk and thinking he was gonna lay some pipe with Judith, she pulled out his sword - steel not flesh - and slew him with it.

Like many of you, I can appreciate the message of the New T, Jesus's pacifism, his socialist agenda, and turning water into wine. But the Old T is a little more fun! Lots of stabbing and baby making in those pages (and besides the way today's so-called Christians act, we are much closer to living in an eye-for-an-eye Old T world than a turn-the-other-cheek existance).

Solid tunes Scott. (the Judith track sounds like the first track on the LP named Sarah.)
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