Midnight Mover Groover (Shhh Pt. 5)

Crawford Brothers Midnight Mover Groover b/w Midnight Happens 45 (Aladdin, 1957)

Here ya go: A solid A side/B side 45 and few words from me. Midnight Mover Groover is a slow creeping blues instrumental that is recorded exactly the way records should be: Dark, loud, warm, full. There you go - Scott Soriano's guide to recording in four words. Want more proof? Let's flip this record over and listen to Midnight Happens, a B side that tops the A. This one is funky without being funk and jazzy without being jazz. You can dance to it. You can listen to it. The sax player has a great tone and perfect attack. The piano player knows when to accent and when to shut the hell up. Midnight Happens is a perfect song.

Oh man!

This is so good.

Thank you so much.

(Where do you find this stuff?)
"Midnight Mover Groover" was the instrumental theme from a late night WNJR (Newark, N.J.)R & B program back around 1964. The only lyrics were the words "the midnight mover groover's back in town". The D.J.'s name was Houndog. I'd like to hear it again...really.
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