Justo...para su gusto

Tulio Enrique Leon Justo...para su gusto LP (ISTMO, 196?)

Many years ago, I picked this up thrifting and it is one of the records that lead me to the mindset that I will take a chance on nearly any record I haven't any idea what the hell it is. Based in Central America, Tulio Enrique Leon,
in the 1960s and 70s, turned out a ton of Latin records, mainly stocked with cumbias. Most of the records have cheese cake covers featuring a snapshot of a sexy, barely clad lady. I know this because there are pictures of other records on the back and the only online references I get are pic of record sleeves. I am guessing his records are party records, just by the how many titles he releases, and that they are quite common in Central America. I don't know if they all sounded like this one.

Leon's Justo...LP is pretty standard for a low budget Latin record in that it is full of cumbia, a couple sons, a merangue, rumba, etc. However what sets it apart is that it sounds like it was recorded in a very dusty cave. And there is the percussion. Some of it sounds like a drum machine, but that could also be the recording of the clave. All together the record has a feel of otherworldliness to it. It definitely sounds of a different time and place. If any of you have any info on Leon or have tracked down his other records, please post something.

A reminder of Gibble Gabble.

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