How Do You Do It

The Lady-Bugs How Do You Do It 45 (Chattahoochee, 1964)

It is Spring, the perfect time for The Lady-Bugs. The Lady-Bugs were Jackie DeShannon and great girl group The Murmaids. Their one song was released on the Kim Fowley produced Chattahoochee label, alway worth checking out. DeShannon was a Kentucky girl who had a sting of minor hits, dated Elvis, is claimed to have invented folk rock, and so much more. The Murmaids were sisters Carol & Terry Fischer and Sally Gordon. The Murmaids had one hit, the excellent Fowley prodiced Popsicles & Icicles and then faded into obscurity. Kim Fowley? The man is a legend and I am quite confident that if you are a Crud Crud follower you know of him (or can certainly find out pretty easy).

The Lady-Bugs released just one song. The flipside of this record is by "The Lady-Bugs Ensemble" and it is a rather weak instrumental cut called Liverpool, in order to cash in on the Merseybeat craze.

The A-side is a Merseybeat exploitation too - it's a Gerry and the Pacemakers hit that the Beatles also covered (but did not release at the time).

Many years later, the Murmaids recorded a cover of Traffic's "Paper Sun" (amazingly!).

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Wasn't Public Nuisance was on that label, too?
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