Tops for Dancing

Jo Ment & His Party Singers Tops for Dancing LP (Ariola, 1974)

Those Germans know how to party! Really, tongue is not in cheek. Here is the proof. Jo Ment is a regular show business, horn playing schmo. He could have been in the Lawrence Welk band or playing some casino or touring old folks homes, and who knows he might have done all that. I mean he did play with James Last, for christ's sake. Take a look at the guy and he's wearing a suit that looks like it was made out of upholstery fabric, he has a burgundy bow tie, huge tinted glasses and a nice perm and there is no tongue in his cheek. By every measure of man, Jo Ment is a dork. And I say that as someone who walks on the precipice of dorkhood gingerly. HOWEVER, as much as a geek Ment is, his party record is a string of medleys played to a studio audience who cannot get enough. So when a medley ends, the crowd cheers. I mean, what better idea for a party record is there? You put this on, listen to medleys of your favorite songs and you get the background noise of people partying - so all of a sudden you party becomes more of a party because people are partying on the record! But that is not the end! Best of all is that Ment has an obsession with Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, the most excellent glam rock songwriting team. Yes! You can not beat medleys of songs made famous by Sweet, Mud, and Suzi Quatro (not to mention non-C&C hits by Golden Earing, Slade, and Alvin Stardust)! So break out the lederhosen, grab a stein of your favorite stout, put on some Jo Ment and PARTY DOWN!

Those Euro medley albums must have been pretty common - I've found a few.

Keep the glam comin'! Tho isn't My Coo Ca-Choo actually "Spirit in the Sky"?
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