Supernaut s/t LP (Polydor, 1976)

Now for some real glam! Though they had a couple hits in their homeland of Australia, Perth's Supernaut are relatively unknown outside the island. In 1974, they were playing as a pub rock band under the name Moby Dick. They moved to Melbourne, went glam and changed their name to Supernaut. They put out a single - the edgy (at least back then) I Like It Both Ways - and it made the Aussie Top Twenty. So did the single Too Hot to Touch and this here album. Punk rock hit and they tried to hop on that trend by changing their name to the Naughts and playing shitty new wave. And that is what I learned from the one online bio of these guys.

Obviously named after the Black Sabbath song, there are some heavy, Sabbath-like riffs on Supernaut's debut, enough to make me wonder what this record would have sounded like had it been made two years earlier, when glam still had some balls, or four years prior when heavy metal and glam were making a nice transition. Another thought it how Supernaut would have sounded if they held off a year and recorded as punk hit. Musings aside, other than one shitty ballad, there is nothing wrong with this record. In fact, I'd rate it as one of my favorite glam records. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Arrrghhh! I missed out on this post by days. Never mind. Supernaut were an awesome band that came out of Perth, Western Australia. I went to school with their lead singer, who lived a street away, and in high school you could just tell he was one of a kind. They had a monster hit with a song called "I Like It Both Ways" and I can't begin to explain how cool that song was back in the early seventies. Okay, so no one will believe me, but as far as Glam went, they were up there with the best. Every English migrant kid thought they were gods! Always hoped to see them go places...but alas, only as far as Melbourne, where they disappeared without a trace. Lucky you to own the LP. I've been looking for it for years!

Do you take down songs after the post has been up for a while? is there anyway you could be convinced to reupload them? ;(
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