Sunshine World

Cosmic Brotherhood Sunshine World 45 (A&M, 1969)

Here's a bit of faux-psych so good that who cares if it is just a bunch of studio guys and not some longhairs on flight. However, if you look at the credits you will see one name that give you a hint that at least one of the musicians on here wasn't a hack. Hersh Hamel (Himmelstein) gets the songwriting and production credit. Look into Hamel's history and you find that he was a constant figure in West Coast Jazz. His name is behind Chet Baker (he appears in Let's Get Lost), Dexter Gordon, Teddy Edwards, and especially Art Pepper. Hemel met Pepper early on and played on many of his important recordings. He also is quoted extensively in the book Straight Life, the best music biography/autobiography ever written. Leader of the band is Bill Plummer, sitarist who made an astounding and quite collectible sitar psych jazz album called Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood. The vocal are handled by a guy named Maurice Miller, who primarily was a jazz drummer, having played behind John Coltrane on Cosmic Music (as well as other gigs). I haven't ferreted out the other members, but odds are they are other jazzbos.

I'd heard about this 45 in the course of reading about Bill Plummer's psychedelic/sitar material. Thanks for posting this, Scott - it's not what I was expecting it to sound like, but it's great.
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