Heavy Weight

The Weight Music is the Message LP (Bertram International, 1970)

More private press obscurity. No need to comment further on the whole private press thing other than here is a perfect example of the kind of record reissuers seize on. One really cool cut and a bunch of passables = Some Italian trying to charge you $25 for a repress. Again we need a KBD series for PPRR.

The Weight were from the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the liner notes, they feature former members of the bands The Blazers (a GI lounge band), The Groop, and The Antics. The cover a lot of Beatles songs because the Beatles are one of their favorite bands (they also do a nice cover of the Equals' Baby, Come Back!). And they were the house band at Rick's Lounge in Walnut Creek, where this record was recorded. While this record has ten songs on it, most of them are covers and most of the covers are Beatles songs. Ho Hum. There is a near-stunner on the disc and that is a lounge meets psych version of Susie Q, and that is what you get today.

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