Charlie the Hamster plays Gospel Music

Floyd Robinson Charlie the Hamster plays Gospel Music LP (Singcord, 1975)

...and then there are times when a record is exactly what you expect. Welcome to the strange world of Charlie the Hamster. Perhaps the most demented Christian kid's record outside the Marcy albums, Charlie the Hamster Plays Gospel Music is the perfect mating of Christianity and absurdity. Sure, "Song Evangelist" Floyd Robinson has a reason he invented Charlie the Hamster. He believes that children need to know the Bible at an early age and Charlie, Stanley and Huey singing and playing gospel tunes is the way to do it. According to the liner notes, "thousands of children" have been turned on to God through these three hamsters and who am I to dispute that? I mean really, given the choice between the Absurdist Floyd Robinson and the Avenger Christian Push Button Warrior George W. Bush, I'll enlist in Charlie's Family any day of God's Good Week. Sure, Charlie is little more than a Holier Than Thou Alvin Chipmunk, but David Seville never used the sound of a seal getting squeezed as a rhythm track (just listen and you'll figure it out). And no Chipmunk record got as progressively whacked as these Hamsters do. It isn't often that a record sleeve this great delivers what it promises. And for only $5, who said Thou Shalt Not Steal?

I've got another record from Floyd/Charlie, "Charlie Goes To Sunday School". Total prize of my collection.
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