Songs for L.D.S. Children

The Three D's Songs for L.D.S. Children LP (Continental, 196?)

I love it when my preconceived notions are smashed! I dug this Three D's album out of a stack of record propped up against a wall in my living room, expecting that I'd either get a horrid religious album or something really fucking zany. Both expectations were wrong. When I dropped needle, what I head coming over the speakers was a gentle guitar and some great vocals. With the sound of rain and cars passing over the wet street, the Three D's made a great soundtrack for a stormy night. Listen a little closer and the not so veiled threats that go with religiosity show up in the lyrics ("Watch your actions/night and day"). Ah and then there is the tale of Joe Smith's finding of the Golden Plates and a nice medley that incorporates an ominous version of Eensy Weensy Spider. While not altogether mind blowing, the Three D's Songs for LDS Children is a really good record and given the context (that it was made for Morman kids), it is a very surprising one. Of course, with these guys the vocals are what makes them so good, which are especially sweet on Dearest Children. In my research on this record, I read that the Three D's made a handful more, including a blues record. That is something I really want to hear.

Just thought I'd give a heads up on the "other" albums by the Three D's.


You can get samples of the sound there.

Good vocals seem to be a lost art.
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