Sassa Boumbitumba

Uele Kalabubu et sa Tribu Sassa Boumbitumba 7" (AZ, 197?)

'tis a mystery here. Some sinister sounding, funky Congolese drum music or at least that is what I gather. This also could be some studio cash in on the Euro's Afrobeat/Afrofunk obsession of the '70s. The record is from France. All the references I find for Uele Kalabubu are for "Afro funk" records released in Italy or France. The photo on the sleeve is stock photography. Uele Kalabubu has been comped on some Afrofunk comps, but that means nothing other than someone likes "his" music.

Two songs here, both of them drum heavy and both of them full of dark funk. My fave of the two is Simbalele, but Sassa Boumbitumba is also a scorcher. Enjoy.

Hmmm...sounds more Les Baxter then Fela...

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, thanks!
cool find. good music. it looks like the first girl on the PS was the first african to have breast implants. that's a joke, lighten up please.

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