Canto Al Pueblo

Esteban Jordan y Pura Jalea Canto Al Pueblo LP (El Grito, 1978)

A legend among accordion freaks and Tejano fans, Tex-Mex artist Esteban Jordan has been called the "Jimi Hendrix of the Accordion." Some of the Hendrix comparison is due to Jordan's style: He wears and eye patch and dresses like Hendrix circa Band of Gypsies. A lot of the Hendrix tag is because Jordan really burns the keys of his squeezebox. Ah but I am not gonna give you a smoker today. Instead, I'm gonna continue this funky streak I'm on and lay Squeeze Box Man on you. I'd write that this is one of Jordan's novelty tunes, but the guy has lent his accordion to lots of different styles, so nothing he does is really a novelty.

I really have no idea how hard this record is to find as this one came to me as a gift via Larry "The Flower Vato" Rodriguez.

That's some squeezy crud ya got there!
you can see the guy play every friday night in san antonio, tx in a bar on st. mary's street.
Scored two sealed copies 15 years ago @ the flea market from an old hick with a truck load of records for a dime a piece. Never seen a copy for sale since. Mr. Soriano was the only person I knew deemed fit to be the owner of the other copy.

any chance someone can make me copy on cd. i'm an avid fan. i've got an hermanos jordan album that i make a copy in exchange. "i left my heart in san francisco" sounds like the chicano version of the 4 freshmen.

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