Moe Koffman Goes Electric

Moe Koffman Goes Electric LP (Jubilee, 1967)

Though jazz certainly was played in Canada before Moe Koffman, flautist Moe was the man largely responsible for introducing the Great White North to bebop, bringing many jazz greats up north of the border to play in front of our communist neighbors. In 1958, he recorded the great Swingin' Shepherd Blues and established himself, along with Herbie Mann and Yusef Lateef, as one of the great jazz flute players. Inspired by Roland Kirk, he learned how to play multiple wind instruments at once and perfected his circular breathing so that he could play long passages without pause. Like many jazzbos, the late 60s saw Moe play pop, rock, and soul. Here are a couple songs from Moe's crossover album, Goes Electric. Comin' Home Baby is as good as any Canadian Jazzbo Goes Funky song as you will ever here. And Swingin' Explorer is a tasty psychsploitation tune, with a nice sitar and a pretty cool Middle Eastern riff. Enjoy.

Ahhh, this is my kinda record! You're description of "Comin' Home Baby" is a bit vague though... you are aware this is a Mel Torme track with a million covers available, right? Sure you are. FYI Mooe had a 45 on Jubilee called "Koko Mamey" that's as good as any Las Vegas Grind record and it even has a voice run through a vocoder (?) repeating the title! Killer.
Well...Mel Torme covered "Comin' Home Baby" (with new added lyrics) but it was originally a soul-jazz instro by Herbie Mann. Since Moe was also a jazz flautist this was undoubtably a nod to Mann.

Still, I can't help singing karaoke-like ala Torme over any instrumental version...
am i the only who hears spencer davis's 'i'm a man' in 'Comin' Home Baby' ?
communist? I wish! www.freewebs.com/jakasso
I just bought Moe Koffman's Car so its quite nice to hear his records while driving.
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