365 Day redux

Do you know the 365 Days Project? Several years ago, one Otis Fodder started a blog in which he and some friends posted one MP3 a day. The Project covered all kinds of music and sound, most of it obscure, all of it worth a listen. I don't think it would be a stretch to claim that 365 Days was the first MP3 blog or at least the first one that mattered. It certainly served as an inspiration for Crud Crud.

You can imagine that I was please to hear that the great WFMU poked and prodded Otis into reviving 365 Days, offering to give him the webspace to do it. Even more special to me was being asked to contribute to 365 Days (and WFMU's Beware the Blog). I am not sure how often I will be throwing things Otis's way, but that is of no matter. You should check 365 Days out each and every 365 days of this year or how many are left. Lots of great stuff appears there.

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