Ritual Blues / Skid Row (Shhh Pt 3)

Reg Owens & His Orchestra Ritual Blues 45 (Pallette, 1959)
Tommy "Deanie Boy" Dean Skid Row 45 (Vee-Jay, 1955)

Don't have a hell of a lot to say about these two. Maybe it is because I just spent 10 hours lugging around boxes of books. Too damn sore to think about anything else than a hot bath that I won't be getting because I have a shower. Oh well. This music is nice though. Not difficult at all which is probably why this stuff gets lumped in with Easy Listening.

Reg Owens does a great exotica flavored version of Toots Thielemans' Ritual Blues. Now I am not sure if this Reg Owens is the same Reg Owens as is on this record but check out some of the MP3s there, especially Saucers that Fly, Black Cat, and Cyberspace.

Tommy "Deanie Boy" Dean has a long musical history and I am not going to even try to sum it up. No need to when you have others doing it for you. The man made a lot of records and this one is as good of a cool noir jazz instro as you are gonna hear. I love it when organs back horns, in that note for note drone. Skid Row will grow on you so give it a few listens.


Ritual Blus is amazing, should i have to argue with you again for shhh parts 4, 5 and 6 ?
Hi Scott
Happy New Year 2007
Ritual Blues is the B-Side of his UK hit, Manhattan Spiritual
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