Groovy Grubworm / Flapjacks (Shhh Pt 1)

Harlow Wilcox & the Oakies
Groovy Grubworm 45 (Plantation, 1969)
Custer & the Survivors Flapjacks 45 (Golden State, 1964)

Okay, you guitar instrumental creeps can get off my ass. Here are a couple of great instros for you. First up we have Groovy Grubworm by Harlow Wilcox & the Oakies. This was Harlow Wilcox's signature tune and a big hit for Plantation records. Though it is pretty much forgotten today, it charted on both the Billboard pop and Country Western charts. Wilcox did a handful of other songs and a couple albums. Groovy Grubworm was also nominated for a Grammy.

If Groovy Grubworm was lost to history, Custer & the Survivors's Flapjacks is a near unknown. The two songs on this single are credited to a one JB Paysenl and are on a San Francisco label. The record was produced by Arvey Andrews, of whom I have learned a bit about. Andrews was a Lt Colonel in the Army. In 1963, Andrews discovered a group of singing servicemen called the Emotions. He liked them so much, without any prior experience, he brought them into the studio and produced a couple of their songs and made a great soul singlee, released on Vardan. The group changed their name to the Lovers and had several hits. What this has to do with Custer & the Survivors, I don't know, other than apparently once Andrews got the music bug, he took more groups under his wing and I assume Custer and pals were one of them. Good thing, too, because Flapjacks is a killer R&B jam with some tasty playing. And that is about all I know about that.

1969. Man that blows my mind. Its a great song, fuzz, twang, country, rockabilly, surf drums, sounds like it shoulda come from earlier in decade.

Great songs, thanks.
Hey! I was going to do that one! (Groovy Grubworm) I'll have to take solace in the fact that my copy looks nicer. Happy Holidays from the Robot crew!
I have been looking for this song for ever. I was a youngster about 5 and my grandmother operated a restaurant and that song played on the jukebox and I loved it. Is there any one that has this 45 that would sell it or know where I can purchase this tune. I would love to share it with my children...
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