Going Places, Eating Things

Porno Sponges Going Places, Eating Things 12" (Mutha, 1986)

I can't say I am familiar enough with Rhode Island punk rock history to make my claim that the Porno Sponges were that state's finest, but the beat of what I've heard (Ashley Von Hurter, Hydrogen Terrors, Lightning Bolt, etc.) from Little Rhody. My lack of knowledge about the Ocean State's punk past, is matched by my ignorance of both the band and the state. Of the band, I know that one member spent some time in a late 90s version of the Angry Samoans, as well as the Kings of Oblivion. Of the state, I know that the state drink is coffee milk, that the Mob runs the state, that when you walk Downtown Providence you have a very good chance of seeing guys dressed like they just stepped out of Saturday Night Fever, and that parking in Providence is a bitch because the restrictions are Stalinistic.

I found this record a few weeks ago, digging through a box of dollar records in a Bay Area record store. The cover was beat up and I almost passed it by - Porno Sponges? Gross. Ah what the hell it is only a buck. Upon first listen, I thought this was one of the many great records that the Aussies pooped out in that garage revival they dominated in the early to mid 80s. Sure the hell sounds like it. Also sounds like I've heard the chorus of Going Places... before but after a few dozen listens I can place it. Anyway, enjoy.


I was the singer and guitarist for The Porno Sponges. I did play in The Angry Samoans for a while. I currently sing and play guitar in Backbiter www.backbiter.net and play guitar in The Motorcycle Black Madonnas www.motorcycleblackmadonnas.com. This is the first time I've heard either of these songs in a digital format. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the band. I was a teenager when we recorded those songs, but they came out pretty well. Definitely captured a moment and we never played those better before or after that recording session.
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