The Ballad of James T. Kirk

Jurassics The Ballad of James T. Kirk 7" (Surf or Die!, 1986)

Sometimes you buy into theories that prove to be wrong. You are either a tragic or a dumb ass when that theory is something like Rapture is going to come in 1998 so you better sell all your stuff, quit your job, and wait on top of a hill with a bunch of other religious freaks for the Sky God to send down His holy tractor beam to suck you and your brethren up to Heaven where you will get a second life of tummy rubs and lemonade on demand just like the Bible promised. Buy into that theory and your ass is stuck cold on a hill when the calendar clicks to 1999. Buy into a theory like the late 80s were the Dark Days of punk rock and you just miss a handful of great records. This Jurassics 7" refutes that notion. Surfer Joe Atomic, Jet Screamer, MD, and some uncredited drum machine turn out two great DIY punk tunes. The Ballad of James T Kirk is one of the best, if not the best Star Trek song not done by No Kill I ("your middle name is T and you never gotten hurt"). And who can't love a song titled 1,000,000,000 Years Ago. That many zeros in a song title demands liking. I don't know anything about the Jurassics other than they were from New York City and walked around in leather jackets with a Stegosaurus painted on the back.

Ha ha, love it. I had no idea the T stood for Tiberius.
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