3 Pop Gems

New Horizon
One Bad Thing 45 (Bell, 1970)
Dept. of Sanitation Just a Good Show 45 (Nite Life, 196?)
The Los Vegas As Time Goes By 45 (Columbia, 1966)

Here are three faves of mine but briefly because time is short right now.

New Horizons is Brit bubblegum legend Tony Burrows and Bob Saker. Burrows was the voice behind the White Plains, Edison Lighthouse, the Pipkins, and others. Here he puts his voice & production skills the Barry Gibb's One Bady Thing, which has seen a few other versions but none by the Bee Gees. Terrific pop.

The Dept. of Sanitation had one single that I know of and it on the obscure Nite Life label. Can't fault any single where the hook is carried by a tuba.

One of my all time fave records is The Los Vegas' As Time Goes by. Sure, we all know the song from Casablanca. Here Teo Macero gives it the pop treatment, with some great monster drums. The accented vocals make me giggle every time I hear this and I've heard it a hundred times.

Los Vegas 45: Sublime, great, immortal.

Sanitation: strings, tuba, woodwinds, simpy sleazy sleepy vocals, baroque arrangement, genius.

Anything by Burrows is by definition essential.

Trifecta, baby.

Any chance of repost of Silicon Teen's Party Time

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