Wynemah Indian Love Call b/w 'Till 45 (Princess, 197?)
Kathleen Emery Someone Else May Be There 7" (Love, 196?)

Here are a couple of songbirds for you to groove to! I am going to keep the commentary short and just let you dig the beautiful voices of two lovely ladies.

I have no information to tell you about Wynemah. By the sound of the record, I assume that it is a mid-Seventies production. The label is from Hollywood. And that is about it.

Kathleen Emery is known in funk collector circles for a bizarre funky version of Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, which has been reissued on the Jazzman label. Here she is a bit less funky but her voice shines just as bright.

I was absolutely transported by the Kathleen Emery record. A real good job of singing badly.
Just picked up the Wynemah LP whence this single comes and it is lovely!
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