Without Earth

The Moon Without Earth LP (Imperial, 1968)

From the heaviness of Sudan & Angola to the frivility of Southern California we go. The Moon were a music industry pop psych creation made up of on/off again Beach Boy David Marks, SoCal garage punk legend Matthew Moore, Davie Allen/psychsploitation drummer Larry Brown, and David Jackson, all brought together by Mike Curb. They spent more than a year recording Without Earth (produced by Larry Brown) and the result is a pop psych classic. A year later they made The Moon. It, too, is full of pop gems. Both of the records were released on Imperial like a lot of that label's records, they got little promotion. No sales means no money and no money means a promising band was left to die in front of no one. Two bad because Without Earth & The Moon are a great records.

Great flower pop, thanks
wow! Scott, I never heard of this group, what a cool sunshine sound !
Byron, none of them have 'Faces' like me is ear opening !
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