Fabulous Harmonica played by Yama Yama Man

Yama Yama Man Fabulous Harmonica played by... LP (Riviera, 195?)

Go ahead an laugh at me. You won't be the first. I got this record at a radio station record sale. I go to the sale every year. I see the same faces and have got to know whom the assholes who try to crowd you out of sections while you are looking, whom set boxes on top of boxes of records that they are going to look at in order to keep you from looking at stuff, and other shitty, petty record hogging practices. Luckily these people are easily thrown off by someone pushing back, so when I respond to the ol winged elbowed nudge with me stopping, looking them in the eyes and the words "You try to push me away again and I will make you eat those fucking records," they clear the area. It is also good that these assholes are just looking for Beatles collectibles and deep grooved six eyes, and leave gems like the Yama Yama Man for me. What is also good is that there are a fair number of really cool & pleasant music freaks who show up and know other people's taste. That is how I got the Yama Yama Man record.

Some guy who collects acetates saw the Yama Yama Man, looked at me knowing I am a sucker for this crap and said "I think you will want this." When I gasped and said, "Hell yeah I do," he laughed and then turned to a friend of his and said, "He took the Yama Yama Man." His friend laughed. When a few friends and I were going through records at the end of the sale, showing off our finds every friend laughed at me for having the Yama Yama Man LP, each saying that they passed it up and knew I would buy it if I came across it. Well, fuck you, too. Laugh at me. LAUGH AT ME!

There is one great, okay, good song on this record and besides that it is a fake record and that makes it even better. There is no Yama Yama Man. The name came from a popular song and was used just to sell records to (I assume) the folks who bought exotica. Even better is the fact that these songs appeared on at least 10 under records under the names of Larry Farber, the Cavaliers, Boris Draper, Frank Gem, the Harmonica Hot Shots, and Danny Welton, who was actually the person who the music is by. Like many a record on the budget labels (Crown, Crescent, Spin-O-Rama, etc.) these tunes were recycled over and over, the only unique thing being the record jacket, which in this case is a fucking gem! With that, enjoy a cool exotica version of Samson & Delilah.

Thanks for this! A very classy post and yes, I too did laugh, but not at you but with you.
yes, this is a pretty awful record dressed up with a pretty terrific cover. I found a copy myself just the other day. the label lists 5 song titles for side B, but there are actually just 4 tracks there. Any idea which song is missing? maybe "H-A-R-R-I-G-A-N?"
hahahahaha i came across this record at the thrift store and i knew instantly that i just had to have it. i googled yama yama man and the only thing that came up was this site here
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