Good Thing Man

Frank Lucas Good Thing Man 45 (ICA, 1977)

Way back in August of 2005, I wrote this pup up in one of my 45 listen & hit it's. I wrote:

Very much lifted from Let's Get It On but that is fine, especially since this has that "You Know I'm the Most Flyest in the Hood" vocalist fronting this. And when you come up with a line like "I got a whole lot of yum yum," I mean, hell, you win. The flip starts off with "I'm gonna tell you about my mule/My woman is my mule/because when it comes to lovin/she's a hardworkin fool."

My opinion has not changed one bit. So when I stumbled across this going through a stack of records, made an MP3, googled it for info, I found some sketchy information stating this sold over a million copies and my post. The first thing I thought is, "Damn, I've been doing this thing that long?" The second thing is "Mmmmm mmmmmm Good." And I will leave this at that.

I enjoy these blogs, maybe even more than hating things.
You have turned me onto yama yama man.
Bravo ole chum

Please check out my blog and feel free to add to the hate.

This dude's the baddest playa since that "Candy Pants" guy. You realize of course that we must now hear that b-side.
I know this song The Good Thing Man. The original Good Thing Man Mr. Frank Lucas is my uncle. So all you wanna be Good Thing Man need to go somewhere and sit down. My uncle made The Good Thing Man in the 70's. I have heard a lot of people trying to sing it but can't nobody sing it like The ORGINAL!! Mr. Frank Lucas. Ya’ll better ask somebody!!!!
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