Strange Things

Tim James Strange Things b/w Motions 45 (Delco, 1976)

Here is another odd little gem. I picked this up a couple years ago in the Bay Area for a buck and was very please when I dropped needle on it. By the sound, I thought that this was made in the late 60s. It has a folk cum garage cum psych thing going on and there is a nice amateur rawness to it. I looked up the pressing plant number and the plant matrix tells me it was pressed in 1976. While that is surprising (and might explain why this hasn't appeared on some garage or psych comp), I can hear it. If you think of all the post-Velvet sounds that started burbling up in the mid-70s, Tim James sounds closer to the Twinkeyz than he does the Sonics or Red Crayola. I am not sure where James was from but I am gonna guess Northern California, as the copies of this that I've seen for sale have been from Nor Cal record dealers (and one Brit who regularly deals with some Nor Cal guys).

Excellent stuff! Similar vibe to the great Rayne LP.
It def. has the same shambling DIY feel of Twinkeys, Yonkers, Mee-Mees and the like but also brings to mind some of the stuff heard on those comps of obscure funk 45s like those that Now Again make their specialty. Either way, fuckin' great! You're on a roll lately, Old Man!
great tunes
jared, the exact same first impression rolled on me, too: michael yonkers. very similar vocal "style"
Hi Scott, I missed this one somehow, would it be possible for a new link for 'Motions' please?
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