Going to Town

The Knight Beats Going To Town b/w Naughty Rooster 45 (Crystalette,1959)

Man o man, caught one of those bugs going around and it knocked me out twice and at the same time released three more records, organized a bunch of book talks, and fell behind on a load of things. Though I still have shit I need to write, I am catching up..thus this post.

Here are a couple cool rock & rollish instrumentals from right before surf took off. While I dig Duane Eddy and Link Wray, I am a sucker for those intros that have one foot in rock & roll, one foot in pop, and one foot in easy listening. Two other things that are common to the style are backing vocal - usually female, almost always used for atmosphere - and that guitar always shares the sound with a horn. The Knight Beats cover all that.

"Going to Town" is a simple tune that has a great strutting beat and noir undertones. "Naughty Rooster" starts off with a nice gimmick and runs right on through with it. Good guitar work, too. A strong B-side, too.

"backing vocal - usually female, almost always used for atmosphere"

Sounds to me like those women are trying to sing their way out of the go-go cage . . . you betcher boots!
Three words, and two of them are the same:

Crazy, man, crazy!

Great site, great stuff.
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