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Rocco Scotti My Wonderland b/w Strange 45 (Rendezvous, 195?)

While Rocco Scotti has performed with orchestras and symphonies the world over, what he is known for is singing the National Anthem. And he is known. Since 1974, Scotti has sung the National Anthem for Baseball's Cleveland Indians. By his reckoning, he has done the song more than 3000 times. Most descriptions of Scotti's performance contain the word "belted." As one fan notes, "He would literally shake the speakers with the strength of his voice, and by the time he hit his peak at the line 'and the home of the brave,' the crowd would be worked into a patriotic frenzy."

When I found this single, I knew nothing about Scotti. I picked up the record because the vocals were so over-the-top I couldn't pass it up. I enjoyed the absurdity of it. However, like a lot of records repeated listening pushed the absurdity to the margins and made me concentrate on the power of Scotti's voice. I can only imagine the thrill it was to hear him belt out that old whore, The Star Spangled Banner (music or poetry, you can't defend the Star Spangled Banner. It is gaudy, over-written, and undemocratic. Undemocratic? Yeah, what commoner can sing it? No one! Only a master like Rocco Scotti can do the thing justice. A much, much better national anthem for the United States would be America The Beautiful). Enjoy the majesty of Rocco Scotti.

Yes! That's a very eclettic blog. Many compliments for your choices.
I only recently heard the turly astounding rendition of the US National Anthem that Marvin Gaye floated out for an NBA game in the 1970s. Sheer genius, and now audible (and viewable) via YouTube. If you've not seen it, you ought to make the time to watch. Marvin's one time would have to trounce Rocco's however-many-thousand, I'd wager!
Marv's is very cool, but Rocco & Marvin are two different singers and are gonna get two unique styles. To compare them is as unfair as pushing Rocco in front of a crowd to do Let's Get It On or forcing Gaye to front Italian Operas, which Rocco reportedly did just fine. I say let each man have his day in court.
With all due respect to Jon, why would you even think to compare Marvin Gaye and Rocco Scotti? Jeez.

I do remember going to catch the Tribe at Cleveland Municipal back in the 70s and 80s and catching Rocco Scotti's anthem was a critical part of the pomp and circumstance of that particular experience. That and lousy starting pitching, of course. This is my first trip to your site and wow! Thank you very much for doing this. (That Waikikis single is wicked!)
Whoa! this guy means it!

Roccos voice has a unique "air raid" quality that has to be heard to be appriciated...

thanks for sharing this!
please please repost Strange!!!

its the best song I've ever heard and I love it!
Thanks for putting me onto Rocco!!!

I grew up listening to Rocco belt out the anthem at the stadium, and then eating a big family meal with him and the other Biscottis at my grandparents' home. Rocco has an unforgettable voice, and, though I haven't seen him in years, he is a a fun-loving free spirit. He was always one of my favorites at the family gatherings.

Thanks for sharing this on your blog!
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