Remember Boa Boa

The Waikikis Remember Boa Boa 45 (Kapp, 1965)

Dig for records and you discover that every band/artist has a hit miss ratio. With some - like Jacques Dutronc, the Equals, or the Swell Maps - there are more hits than misses. With others the misses far out pace the hits. Few bands have a great gulf between hits and misses than The Waikikis.

One of the many acts to cash in on the Hawaiian music craze and the exotica trend, the Waikikis turned out dozens of records - every single one of them that I have picked up has sucked. Make that, everyone except one, or, really one half. But that one half of record has made all the others that went from thrift store bin to my turntable back to thrift store bin worth picking up.

Remember Boa Boa is one of the best songs I've heard, period. The percussion track that opens the song sets a great mood, enhanced by a luscious slide guitar. And that is it. That is the song and that is what makes it great. There is no Hawaiian tourist jive stinking this one up. Sure, it has an exotica feel, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Though this record is treasured by those who have heard it, do a search on the net and you find it isn't hard to fine. Though when you search, look for Hawaii Honeymoon, as that is the A-A-side. No surprise that the B-side is the hit here.

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