(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

The Tritons (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 7" (Barclay, 1973)

Euros forgive me. Though The Tritons cover of the Rolling Stones' classic was a huge hit in Italy and throughout the continent, it was unheard in America. I didn't become aware of it until I saw it in front of me, priced at 1 euro at a seller's table at a Paris record swap. The sleeve seemed promising and since it was a cover of Satisfaction and $1.15, why the fuck not? I bought it and packed it in the suitcase that I had brought, a suitcase dedicated to the records I had picked up in my week of Parisian/Belgian record hunting. Once home, the single made it to the top of the stack of about 100 and upon listen into the list of best finds on the trip.

I am sure that we are all familiar with Devo's amazing cover of Satisfaction, so no need to comment on that other than to say, it is peerless. That being that, it does not shame The Tritons' version. The Tritons had their own thing going. Like Devo, they did what every band who covers a song should do and that is make the song their own. So many bands nowadays either cover songs note for note or they do a punk speed up or something that tinkers with but does not approach the song different than it has been done before. That is fine and dandy when you are playing things for the pleasure of playing them or even in a live setting, but why make a record that has been made (usually a lot better) before? Believe me, I am painfully aware that there are a lot of records out there and the environmentalist in me says, "Protect our resources and only press what needs to be pressed." In other words, just because you recorded a version of someone else's song and made it louder, don't think you need to release it. Back down off your ego and think for a moment: Do we really need to hear your garage punk version of Strychnine? Really now.

So what do the Tritons do that is so good? They kick the song down a notch and put a cool Dylan meets the Pogues style jangly swing to it (though this was made before the Pogues existed but you know what I mean). The accented vocals make the song even better, the horns punching another element of swinging good time into it. A perfect version, this is.

Of The Tritons, I know what I read, and rather than repeat words, I urge you to check the story out yourself.

I don't know how I've never even heard of this before. What a weird cover - but fun in a surreal sort of way. Thanks for posting this.
Good review! I should put you on my site as reviewer :)
I never cared for this song in any of its incarnations. Not even the Devo version, I have to admit. But this! This version hit me. Funny how a different arrangement can bring out the beauty in a piece of songwriting.

Thanks for bringing it.
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