Seventeen Bubblegum Smashes!

Pink Filth Presents Seventeen Bubblegum Smashes! LP (Lost, 1998)

Buying a record like this is easy. Though I didn't know what it was at the time, it possessed some points that I look for. The sleeve is a paste-on, it doesn't look like many were made, I never heard of it before, and the record is full of covers of Bubblegum classics. The $4 price tag means the risk is little.

What is tough is finding a record like this when you are on a road trip and not being able to listen to it NOW. In this instance, Nebraska was where is was when I found this in a record store bin. It was day four of a 30 day road trip. So Pink Filth sat in a box in the back of my truck waiting for me, tempting me. Sure, covers of Lemon Pipers, Ohio Express, and Sweet create a twinge of anticipation; but the real lust kicks in upon seeing that Pink Filth remakes Alice Cooper's Clones and Hawkwind's Quark, Strangeness and Charm.

I never ever would have pegged Hawkwind as Bubblegum. As poppy as a song like Silver Machine is, monsters like Orgone Accumulator are just too heavy for the Chewy Chewy crowd. Credit Pink Filth as geniuses for seeing Bubblegum in Quark..., a record I never really enjoyed. Like any great recreation, Pink Filth's rendition has sent me back to the stacks to dig out that late Hawkwind album. Pink Filth creates not just one classic: Their versions of Lemon Pipers and Cryin' Shames are also great. And they sneak at least one original in (Sipping Strawberry Tea).

Pink Filth existed through the 1990s and released their last record in 2001. They are/were from San Antonio. I don't know if they are still playing music.

Great Find!!! I always look forward to your posts.

Great post. These guys used to play DJ Sue's Fuzz Club in Austin around 2001-2002, as I recall. They were sort of a cool, weird anomaly. Especially coming from San Antonio.
Sipping Strawberry Tea is a cover of a Tiny Tim song. Sunday Morning is a cover by a German TV show band: Die Anderen (The Others).

Anyone know where I can find a copy of their 1st seven-inch? It's the one with the crazy looking apple on the cover. Their version of Convey is great!

"Hey rubber ducky..."
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