I'm a Lover Man

Jimmy J. & the Mark-Lee Sound I'm a Lover Man 45 (Mar-Jo, 196?)

What do I know about Jimmy J AKA Jimmy Jones? Well, I think he is a piano player, as that is the lead instrument here and there is a Jimmy Jones who played piano. The Mar-Jo label is from St Louis so I assume that Jones is also. I also assume that the label might be partially his, the "Jo" in Mar-Jo being short for "Jones" (and the "Mar" short for the "Mark" that is in the Mark-Lee Sounds). If this is indeed Jimmy Jones, the piano player from St Louis, there is a good chance he also played and recorded with
Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, & Duke Ellington. He might have also co-authored Sweet, Hot, and Blue: St. Louis' Musical Heritage, a book on St. Louis jazz, blues, & R&B. Of the Mark-Lee sound and Mar-Jo records, I know that they both did a 45 with the Continentals. I have never heard it. There is a inscription on the record label from a one Roland Clark (sax). My digging finds that he is a member of the St Louis Jazz Hall of Fame. Because there are thousands of Jimmy or James Jones and plenty who played music, I am stumped for any more info than the guesswork above. Perhaps Larry Grogan knows more?

Forgetting the "who is it" for a while, let me rap about what a great song this is: A R&B groover with an nice extended intro, topped by a rippin' guitar solo and backed by sharp, short horns. This is the kind of tune that sweats up a dance floor (providing you aren't DJing for a bunch of idiots who want to hear The Breaks for the 80 gazzilionth time). I can't say I am disappointed over spending the $4 on this that I did.

Who, me???
Don't know this one, but I like the sound. It sounds as if they fell asleep listening to Watermelon Man, so early to mid 60's?
I collect Watermelon Man covers and variations. I concur.
This is some goooood shit!
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