Disco Rhapsody

The Magic City Band Disco Rhapsody LP (Magic City Band, 197?)

Hell, I can enjoy a funky disco song as much as the next funky disco guy, especially when the vocals are nearly non-existant and when they do come in, the funky disco dude ups it a register ala Earth, Wind & Fire. It's too bad that this is as funky as the Magic City Band gets. The rest of the record is dull dull dull.

Why would I pick up a disco album? Why not? The record cover is so low-tech that it was worth a chance and, here's a tip, low tech cover sometimes means raw & funky. Forget all you learned in Classic Rock 101, there is good disco out there and it is the between the crack, small label stuff. Remember many a "disco" band was a funk band that called itself disco when disco was the rage - kinda like the pub rock bands claiming to be punk when punk hit in 1977 UK.

Where these guys are from, I don't know but I assume Miami (it has a Miami funk sound to it, plus it is an obvious "Magic City"). No date but probably 1976 or 77.

Think the title is a campy menopause joke, or were they oblivious? Regardless, great tune, sho' 'nuff funky.
Yo Scott,

What was the name of this song -- "Disco Rhapsody?" I downloaded the thing when you put it up, but I just popped it into Itunes only to find it's tagged. Grazie.

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