Ron Eliran s/t

Ron Eliran s/t LP (Polydor, 1968)

If you would asked there was such a thing as Zionist funky drum, pop psych, I would have replied, "Oh sure, Ron Eliran, Israel's Ambassador of Song and the writer of the Broadway musical Don't Step on My Olive Branch." Not that I am a Zionist funky drum, pop psych expert. Rather I found this promising looking album at a radio station record sale for a buck and discovered a gem.

Eliran was born in Haifa, a native of Israel. He had already established himself as an entertainer in his homeland before appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show in the mid 1960s. He played for Israeli troops in the first Sinai and Yom Kipper Wars, where he wrote patriotic songs. He has toured the world and wrote musicals for Broadway and Off Broadway.

Eliran's debut is as far out as he gets and, truth be told, Ron isn't a psych king. What Eliran has mastered is a fusion of pop, Yiddish music, funk, Middle Eastern melody, Vegas production, and LA session horn arrangements. Ron Eliran could be thought of as the Lee Hazelwood of Israel. Fire in the Jordan Valley has a nice Brit Beat Them/Yardbirds thing going on in it. My favorite, High in the Desert is a fantastic blend of the elements listed above. I've played it at dance parties and people dig it. Honesty is funk Yiddish style. It kind of reminds me of Robert Charlebois.

What Eliran is singing about, I don't know. Hell, I don't even know if this is inappropriate to post given the fact that Israel is stomping around Lebanon again and Hezbollah rockets are littering Eliran's hometown. What I do know is that the two countries directly involved in this war (and it is a war) have turned out some great music and that is what I chose to celebrate rather than debate which camp's bloodletting is "justified" or not. Personally, I think they are all a bunch of murderers and goons - and you can extend that to any state you want to, not just the two (or four or six or...) involved in this one. Forgive my lack of subtly - I am impatient with the bloodshed and people surrendering their reason to the dictates of some Sky God. Arm them with guitars, I say.

I scored this over five years ago and have been looking for a second copy. Never seen a reliable listing of or have stumbled upon another.

Hell man! My sister was in Israel all week. I made a special request for her to pick me up a couple [hands full] of 45's. I guess it's true what they say..."life is mostly about timing"...or something like that. Your collection is awesome, though I'm sure you've only been able to post a small fraction of it. Thanks.
i love israel i tell you i can't say go there and check it out but its the best or second best thing that ever happened to me. actually i can't really say that because there's no possible way it couldn't have. i grew up there! and if you have any other israeli things please post it fast. i'm in contact with only one israeli, my oldest friend, only i'd say, through thick and thin, and i can't ask for any good israeli music because it seems like most people there will only talk about 'great' american or british music (remove the ' ' for the british). i should be thinking about whether she's okay or not what with the escalation of murder going on there nowdays. but anyway if i would go there it would be the last thing on my mind because life isnt life there you're elevated to some sort of univerese and if there is such a thing as (the overused phrase) 'heaven on earth' israel would be it. to really come as close to understanding it as you can without going there i could say that i think the war there that's been constant, as drastic as it is its the balance the country needs in a ying and yang kind of way, so everything wouldn't be too good. that's what my memory speaks to me.

so anyway post more music from israel and from lebanon and palestine and jordan and every other of that existing universe. thank you.
ps high in the desert drum beat is so frank zappa
Cool stuff!

Can you post the rest of this thing??? Looove it and what are the odds of this thing ever turning up. Zero I tell ya.


I dont post whole LPs. One reason is bandwidth space, but most of all is I want you folks to get up from behind your computer and over to the local record store to try to find these things like I did. Consider this a sample of the pleasures to come if you put the work into finding it.

There is also the fact that sometimes there are only three songs from a record worth posting.

In other words, you get what I give you. As Wire once said, "We dont take requests."
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