Kevin Dunn Nadine b/w Oktyabrina 7" (dB, 1979)

Atlanta is the home of Kevin Dunn and that is where I found this terrific 7". In the 3 times of been to that wretched town, I've found two records worth noting The Brains' Money Changes Everything 7" and this great record. Nadine is a cover of the Chuck Berry classic and it features a great monstrous synth by Brains-member Tom Gray. The flip is a song about the Soviet era underground comic character, Oktyabrina, and equally as cool.

Dunn was in the Fans and, after this 7", the Regiment of Women. He did some other records including a pretty good 12".

wow, super great
This stuff's awesome. Any other cool stuff come out of Atlanta? Athens gets all the press.
The Basics (1980) 7" is decent m+f vox punk/pop, maybe LA's X would be the closest comparison. The very rare Kris Methe single (1982) is supposed to be good, but I've never actually heard it. The Standardeviation comp LP (1980) has its moments. See http://www.CollectorScum.com/volume3/south/#ga

And as for current bands from Atlanta, the Black Lips are untouchable. The most recent one, "Let It Bloom", is an amazing record.

with lyrics like "go ahead and shoot up now", I don't think this song is just about some Soviet underground comic, if you know what I mean.

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