Love for Sale

I spent this Sunday going through boxes of records and listing them on ebay. I've got a lot of odd balls up right now (and will be listing more this week) and thought some of the readers of this blog might be interested. Here is the link. Also, in case you don't know already, I run a small label called Ss Records. I put out some interesting stuff and carry records that you are not likely to get elsewhere, at least in one place and/or in the US. I don't list ads at the side of this blog or have Amazon tags, nor do I do fund appeals. I do this blog because I like to. However, if you feel inclined to throw some money at me, I will be very happy to throw some records back at you. Actually, I'll probably mail them. I've been told that I "throw like a girl." Plus records tend to break if you don't catch them.

A lot of those singles look nice - any chance of releasing comps of 'em?
Not me, friend. Too many other projects. Too many records hanging around here. I need room!
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