Yes Master!

Don Carson & the Casuals Yes Master! (Bertram International, 196?)

I filled enough of these pages with my thoughts on exotica. I am a fan for all the reasons most people are: I like the mish mash of musical styles, I enjoy the hamfisted attempts at trying to conjure up the strange & exotic, I giggle at the wrong-headed jabs at internationalism, and I dig what happens when all the above collide. Even better is when vocals are added. I am not referring to Yma Sumac style vocals, where the sound of the voice is paramount, the lyrics an afterthought. I thrill when some musician or producer decides that the one thing their exotica song needs is vocal commentary, a good set of lyrics that conjure up a land far, far away. Hello Don Carson! I am not sure when this pup was made. I will guess early 60s, but it could have been created in the late 50s. Who Don Carson was, I have no idea. Why he made this song, I can only guess. But who or why doesn't matter: This is a great listen and a perfect example of the glorious ignorance that makes primo exotica/kitsch.

I still don't see what Jacques Br... Eh, I mean: could this song have anything to do with the ridiculously great "Yes Master" by The Whips that's on one of the Jungle Exotica comps? They sound like two different tunes to me.
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