Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart

Sounds of Modification Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart 45 (Jubilee, 1968)

While the Sounds of Modifcation were indeed a real band, it is Bob Gallo's stamp is all over this pup. Do a little research on Gallo and you see that, considering his resume, the man gets far less run than he should. He started his music carrier as one of the persons behind The Crests' Sixteen Candles. Then went on to work for Cameo/Parkway. During the Sixties he produced James Brown's It's a Man's, Man's World, ? & the Mysterians' 96 Tears, as well as hits for the Drifters, Young Rascals, Patti LaBelle, Bo Diddley, and many others.

On SOM's Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart, Gallo plays producer, arranger, and songwriter. He also plays on it. Of the band, I know nothing other some of their mellower songs have appeared on some comps of 60s sunshine pop.

I like this quite a bit. Nice, hooky pop, with an almost garagey edge.
dude, pOW. this record roars out of that hiss. nice dig...
I am the Drummer from the Sounds of Modification. It was a great trip for the whole band back in the 60's
Butch Cavouto
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