Two more instrumentals

The Dynamic Dial Tones "Boss" (Horizon, 196?)
The Super Dupers The Jungle Jingle (Cricket, 196?)

Here are a couple obscure instrumentals for you. I'm kind of screwed on time so you aren't going to get some ramble on why instrumentals are more profound than vocal songs because the artist seeks to eliminate the distraction of the voice in order to strike a more primal inner chord and a blah blah blah. Nah. I just like these two songs.

I know absolutely nothing about The Dynamic Dial Tones other than what is on this record's label. And what that tells me is pretty much nothing. This is the B-side to Blue Moon of Kentucky credited to Dick Haiman (at the organ) and the Dial Tones.

I also don't know much about the Super Dupers other than I do have their The Super Record of Super Heroes Played by the Super Dupers LP, on which they play songs about Captain Marvel Jones, The Green Hornet, Flash Gordon, and other caped crusaders. (I'll post some in the future.) They also play March of Tarzan, which is the A-side of this single. As you can see, this is on the Cricket label, which is a children's record label. The 45 originally came with a paperback book containing an Edgar Rice Burroughs story. Unfortunately I don't have the book. One interesting thing about The Jungle Jingle is that, even though it is supposed to (I assume) be about a jungle, it starts of with a car engine revving up.

could Dick Haiman be Dick Hyman maybe??
either ways - thank you for all the music!
That'll teach me to flip past those kiddie records too quickly. And "Boss" is pretty boss at that. Thanks
Killer post Scott
Dick Hayman recorded a lot of MOR organ music in the 40s and 50s, and I'd guess that the flip of "Boss" is in this vein.
The Dial Tones are something else, indeed. Thanks!
I am desperate for a rip of The Super Record of Super Heroes. I've been searching for it for years.

Please post it if you ever get the opportunity. I'll be in your debt.


My heart did a little turn when I read you had this album. This was my first album and I love it dearly. Is there any any of getting a recording of it? My got ruined in a flood. I still have it but can't listen as it is split in half as well. Thank you
AS Flash Gordon would say "NEAT"
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