Some Sunshine

The Voices of East Harlem Can You Feel It 45 (Just Sunshine, 1974)
Que Sunryse A Storm Brewing 45 (Just Sunshine, 1973)

Here are two from the Just Sunshine Records label. Just Sunshine is most well known for pressing Betty Davis's great freak funk records, as well as putting out records by Stuff, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Alexis Korner.

The Voices of East Harlem had a pretty decent career and are regarded well enough that at least one of their records has seen vinyl reissue. They were produced by Leroy Hudson and Curtis Mayfield, among others. The cut here is penned and produced by Hudson and is a great piece of funky soul.

Que Sunryse is as obscure as their name is odd. I know absolutely nothing of them other than they recorded this single. A Storm Brewing the the b-side and far superior to the mellow Friday the Thirteenth. A Storm Brewing is a pretty good description of the song. Somewhere between gospel, funk, and Stax style soul the song's intensity grows as it goes on. Perhaps one of Crud Crud's more funkified readers can fill me in on anything I missed.

WOW. "A Storm Brewin" is freakin' awesome. I guess these guys never recorded anything else?
Quite a bit more mr.fab including at least one album if Im not mistaken.
The 45 "Im Cashing In" on the same labelhas been a classic on the rare soule scenne since the late seventies.
Just remembered if you go to soulclub.org there are some VOEH sides on their gianormous free jukebox.Including Cashing In.
thanks for the Voices of East harlem!! my financial situation prevents me from dropping an entire paycheck to check out scratchy 45's that have good reputations.THANKS!!!
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